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After it unfortunately didn’t work out in 2013, the premiere will now be at SUMMER BREEZE 2014: Welcome to a SUMMER BREEZE premiere: BENEDICTION will do the honours for the first time in their career at your favourite festival. With their eventful history it is actually incredible the Birmingham death metal insititution has never appeared at SUMMER BREEZE before. Now, 23 years after the release of their debut album ‘Subconscious Terror’, this will finally be changed. Considering the death metal pioneers long career you have to repect the fact they have never strayed from their chosen path. No trend, no fashion has been able to steer the band away from their original direction, something their loyal fanbase is eternally grateful for. Since day one BENEDICTION’s brutal death metal has gone hand in hand with various punk and crust influences. And this will hopefully always stay this way. Dirty, raw and simply awesome!