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The guys from BETONTOD are total anti-rockstars, and they want to get a proper Deutsch-punkrock party started in Dinkelsbühl in 2015.
Yet BETONTOD started expanding their musical horizons long ago, so there’s some ska influences and even power ballads sticking out of the ocean of BETONTOD’s musical artistry. Sure it’s not for the narrow-minded, but those who like to party, shout along and do the pogo should not miss the Rheinberg band’s show. Just have a good time together, that’s what BETONTOD stand for. Not least at SUMMER BREEZE 2015 in Dinkelsbühl, where we could luckily book them straight after last year’s cancellation. So off to the beer stand to get a cold one and switch the party mode to on. BETONTOD are waiting for you!