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For some of you, the following confirmation will feel like Christmas came early! We are delighted to be able to present the mighty BLOODBATH!
There are few bands in death metal surrounded by such a cult-like aura as this lot. There’s several reasons for that: the concept of working with different singers (formerly Mikael Akerfeldt and Peter Tägtgren, currently Nick Holmes) who are all huge, well-respected names in the scene is one of them. Another one might be the fact that, around the turn of the millennium, when nobody gave a shit about old-school Swedish death metal, they simply ignored this, breathing new life into an agonizing genre. However, the biggest and most important reason for the exceptional status this band enjoys is the unbelievably high quality of their musical output. No matter if it’s just old-school as fuck (the first two albums), a little more technical (‘The Fathomless Mastery’) or darker than ever (their current record ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’), with each one of their sinister songs BLOODBATH manage to make every death metal fan’s heartbeat race in excitement. You can look forward to a very special highlight at SUMMER BREEZE 2015 and in SUMMER BREEZE history in general.