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After our 2014 billing didn’t have that much to offer to fans of electro goth pop, in 2015 we are determined to make amends, which is why we have confirmed one of this scene’s absolute leaders: BLUTENGEL!
Formed in 1998, the band has been spearheading the genre long before its formidable chart entry on position number 4 with their latest studio album ‘Monument’. Especially band founder Chris Pohl is a versatile multitalent in the electro and goth scenes, as his other projects Terminal Choice and Miss Construction also enjoy huge popularity. In BLUTENGEL, techno sounds meet quiet ballads and distorted vocals are paired with dance elements, while as a whole its style is rather minimalistic and therefore absolutely danceable. Between all other riffs dominating SUMMER BREEZE, these veterans of the gothic scene will provide for some different, yet always dark variation.