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Attention, this is not the Swedish band The CROWN, but the (unjustly) more unknown French band C R O W N. A real insider’s tip!
Dark, intense, monstrous, nightmarish, menacing, fearsome – that’s the effect of the massive walls of riffs the duo throws your way. Doom is probably the best definition of what C R O W N create, yet not in its traditional, epic sense, but with excursions into sludge, industrial and black metal territory, which make this an exciting, unpredictable, surprising and unbelievably captivating ride. Band members P.G. and S.A. throw you into the deepest pits, only to catapult you to the highest peaks the next moment, before the next free fall into an even deeper depth follows. Fascinating, exciting and unique! If the Colmar duo manage to reproduce this gripping atmosphere on stage, then there’s a real gourmet treat on the menu for SUMMER BREEZE 2015.