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Why in hell has no one in the press come up with the expression “New Wave Of German Old School Death Metal” yet? CHAPEL OF DISEASE would be one of the leaders alongside Deserted Fear and Sulphur Aeon.
Hailing from Cologne, the band will release their second album ‘The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art” in early 2015 on FDA Rekotz, a label whose work for the German death metal underground one has to commend. And the first teasers promise big things. No matter if it’s dragging mid-tempo a la Asphyx or lightning speed, CHAPEL OF DISEASE impressively demonstrate that you can play proper old-school death metal without sounding old-fashioned and without giving the self-appointed guardians of the scene the slightest reason for criticism. So there’s no question they will crack everyone’s skulls at SUMMER BREEZE 2015. Solid stuff!