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It’s been seven long years since this band last played SUMMER BREEZE: CRADLE OF FILTH!
Look forward to the precursors of gothic black metal, who since the early 90s managed to marry merciless black metal with the warm melancholy and aesthetic symbolism of goth. Purists didn’t like this, but then again, Dani Filth and Co. never really catered to narrow-minded spirits. They always stood and still stand by their romantic-horror-influenced music, which has one main goal: to entertain people. And this is something the Brits have definitely achieved on their ten studio albums (#11 is in the making right now), no matter whether the pendulum swung more in the black metal or the gothic direction. CRADLE OF FILTH created their very own niche, in which everything from complex symphonic song structures to heavy and to-the-point riffs has its place. Which obviously includes their fans… especially at SUMMER BREEZE 2015!