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Dear friends of passionate music,

another breath-taking edition of SUMMER BREEZE Open Air is over, and while the last chord still resonates in the summer sky, preparations for SUMMER BREEZE 2020 are already underway behind the scenes.

We want to take this chance to offer our thanks, first and foremost to you, the fans! You make SUMMER BREEZE what it is. You create its unique atmosphere, which the bands love so much about this festival. You are the ones who make the party! You are the heart and soul of this event, the true VIPs. The ones who truly matter! However, our thanks also go to all the helpers, technicians, crewmembers, security personnel, organizers, traders and cleaners. None of this could have happened without all of you. There would be no colour without you.

Should there be any cause for complaints, please let us know, because we want to keep getting better. And of course, we’ll be happy about any and all compliments, big and small.

If you want to stay up-to-date regarding SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2020, please check www.summer-breeze.deregularly or follow us through our social networks.

We hope you enjoyed the party in 2019! Have a safe return home!

See you next year,