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SUMMER BREEZE on the road!

No, no, don’t worry, SUMMER BREEZE is not moving away from Dinkelsbühl; however, we would like to start a new photo gallery:
Send us your travel photos sporting SUMMER BREEZE merchandise! Hopefully abroad, of course. No matter if you are packing your shopping in a SUMMER BREEZE bag at the Istanbul bazaar, if you raise your SUMMER BREEZE flag on your beach house on the Seychelles, or if you explore the jungle of Papua New Guinea dressed with a SUMMER BREEZE bandana: Give us your pictures! Of course it’s already enough if you send us a photo of yourself wearing a festival shirt in the Zillertal, as long as you’re creative and the photo is cool…
All pictures worth seeing will be posted in an online gallery, and we will raffle prizes among all participants. Don’t forget to include your name (and obviously the place where you took the picture) and send everything to
Happy posing and safe travels!