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Girl-power from Holland is always a welcome addition to our festival, which is why we have invited The Netherlands’ DELAIN to Dinkelsbühl for 2014. As is generally known, DELAIN were brought to life after band leader and keyboard player Martijn Westerholt had to quit chartbreakers Within Temptation due to illness. Martijn didn’t let this get him down and quickly went on to form DELAIN, who went through different line-ups before finding a charismatic lead singer in the enchanting Charlotte Wessels. And it is precisely her who has given the band its character with her distinctive vocals. Their latest studio album ‘We Are The Others’ is proof that her involvement has worked a charm and that the band has definitely outgrown the gothic/symphonic category. Further and final proof will be the Dutch(wo)men’s 2014 appearance in Dinkelsbühl.