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Dear SUMMER BREEZE fans and friends,
A little more than 250 days until the actual SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2021 date we’d like to take the chance and give an overview on the current state and what keeps us up and running.

The entire music business, especially the event sector is suffering. It would be unfair to only focus on our immediate environment. Countless wheels are turning to provide visitors with the quality of events they are accustomed to each year. Sometimes  the effects of Covid-19 are easily visible like a cancellation of a major festival but sometimes a second look is necessary to understand the full scope of people affected: cooks, drivers, NGOs, vendors, self-employed technicians – the list goes on and on.

We received quite a number of questions regarding the 2021 edition of SUMMER BREEZE Open Air among with a lot of positive words and advice. Thanks for that!

Of course it is our primary goal to make the festival happen in 2021 after the cancellation of this year’s edition. It is a goal that all festival promoters around the world want to achieve.
It is very inspiring and motivation to see how the entire event business is coming together to

work on solutions that will help all of us. Festival colleagues, authorities and health experts are teaming up and productively working together to move forward. Especially the exchange with experts on health and safety is a very educating process.
But one thing we can already promise you: We will do everything in our power to make sure that SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2021 can take place within the requirements and conditions that are in effect at that time. Our priority is to create a SAFE environment for artists, fans and staff through smart and thorough  preparation of our vent.

No need to worry for ticket buyers: similar to 2020 there will be options of refund or exchange in case of another cancellation in 2021. We will tackle all the what ifs and other questions that will keep us busy with a positive attitude. You as fans have proven more than once that we can rely on your support which is why we want to provide you guys with more information and insights on our work here. Amongst other things we are going to launch a podcast in the beginning of 2021 which also be a platform to talk about specific topics in a more detailed way.

Last summer during our Lost Edition stream we already announced a great bunch of acts that could be secured for the lineup 2021. With BLIND GUARDIAN and EISBRECHER two big names were added to the roster consisting of heavy hitters such as AMON AMARTH, WITHIN TEMPTATION, SALTATIO MORTIS and ALESTORM.

This means that this year’s advent calendar will look a little different. On Monday, 30th of November the lineup the infamous Nuclear Blast Label Night will be announced and every Sunday in December holds a raffle for the fans with prices of our partners EMP, METAL HAMMER and WERA TOOLS as well as some tickets for SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2021.

As a last point we’d like to say: stay safe! Stay healthy! Wash your hands and we can not wait to meet you all again on our holy festival ground!