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Since this year more patrons are going to take part in the GREEN CAMPING as during last year’s test run, we have to move the GREEN CAMPING site.
Now the GREEN CAMPING area is located only a few steps further, on the former spare surface north of the forest. The main benefit for GREEN campers is they will have an even quieter atmosphere as well as more room for all participants. Furthermore, both the flushable toilets and the shower station will are now in close proximity.
We trust we have made the right decision, not least in the interest of an undisturbed camping experience.
On Tuesday from 10:00 to 22:00, access to the GREEN CAMPING area will be through Black Earth at the main festival entrance. From Wednesday at 10:00 until Saturday, access will be through the VIP entrance, which will be signposted. You will receive a map of the exact route in your confirmation PDF.