Ice cold: Rent a coolbox!

Since the transport and handling of dry ice suppose a series of dangers (unfortunately there were dry ice injuries at SUMMER BREEZE), we were forced by the authorities to ban dry ice on the whole festival site (FESTIVAL ABC) .
However, we are aware that, not only for pro festival patrons, on a long summer weekend cold drinks on the campsite are a must, which is why we will be working together with, who have the experience and capacities to fulfil the demand.
Although the coolers on offer are also dry-ice powered, the systems are secured, so that the authorities gave us the go ahead.
The coolers from keep food and drinks cold for up to three days and are capable to cool down drinks by 20 degrees within 10 to 15 minutes.
All interested parties may reserve/rent one or more coolers in various configurations from, or just contact the staff on site…
We hope this works out as a good alternative to bringing your own dry ice.