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EISREGEN are true cult, because there’s no other band in the scene combining black metal, dark metal, violins, electronic elements and macabre, thought-provoking lyrics in such a morbid, original manner.
Hordes of followers from all walks of metal, top 40 positions in the German charts with several of their eleven studio albums (if we already count ‘Marschmusik’, which will be released during SUMMER BREEZE 2015) and a few selected, but not less captivating live shows make one thing clear: EISREGEN is one of the most exceptional acts we’ve had the chance to book for our festival. We are happy to announce that this German cult band will again make a stop in Dinkelsbühl. Get ready for loads of ‘Stage Blood’ (‘Bühnenblut’, the title of one of their live albums), when the Thuringians set the pace for a musical metal march, as announced by their new album title.