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Crossover is dead? Anyone making that statement will get punched right in the face by the EMIL BULLS, because the Munich natives have spent years teaching us better, which is why we are happy to invite them over to SUMMER BREEZE 2015.
Their greatest plus is they don’t just regurgitate something that was hip around the turn of the millennium. Instead, they always garnish their crossover / new metal sound with the most varied ideas, which gives their compositions a much bigger long-term effect than those of most of their peers. This is how the Bulls have managed to escape the creeping death of their genre and to still be a big name in the music and festival scene, even 15 years after the zenith of their style. Right now they are surfing yet another wave of success with their latest album “Sacrifice To Venus”. The Bulls are more belligerent than ever before! Take care or you might get the horns!