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EMP rockinvasion on DMAX!

Our partners EMP and rockinvasion have joined forces to bring back hard music into television.

The team led by Marcus Schleutermann (Rock Hard et al), which is also responsible for the brand new SUMMER BREEZE 2010 DVD that accompanies each of the 10,000 first tickets ordered through, has shot a great report that will show you a different side of musicians. Marcus barbeques with them, takes them to the climbing wall and to the Nürburgring racing track. Besides these shenanigans, there are interviews, festival specials (obviously also about SUMMER BREEZE 2011), regular features and, last but not least, loads of nonsense.

EMP rockinvasion will premier next weekend, the night between August 27th and 28th at 00:15, on DMAX. A repeat will air on the Sunday (August 28th) at 11:15, in time for your hangover breakfast. The first episode includes BBQ tips by Times Of Grace (Killswitch Engage side project), a visit to a brewery with Trivium, wrestling action with Agnostic Front, interviews with Volbeat and Anvil and a feature about pyros with Subway To Sally, Rage, Hatebreed and more. Mark your calendars and tune in!