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The following confirmed band may/should/can be described as part of the SUMMER BREEZE inventory. No END OF GREEN, no party, which is why the Swabians will be coming to our anniversary celebration in Dinkelsbühl.
And they won’t come with empty hands. Their 2017 show at SUMMER BREEZE will already mark their tenth (!) SUMMER BREEZE appearance! Now if that’s not a reason to celebrate!? But that’s not all (sounds like a bad TV infomercial)! This tenth SUMMER BREEZE show is simultaneously the official release show of their new album. As was already the case with 2013 ‘The Painstream’, their brand new album will be available to buy at the festival before anywhere else. And to top it all off, with this show END OF GREEN will celebrate their 25 years of existence. Congratulations, guys! Now if this doesn’t mean that everything about this END OF GREEN show points to party, party and more party, we just don’t know any more…