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New barriers in use for the first time at SUMMER BREEZE 2015!

We have spared no costs and efforts to have new barriers developed for SUMMER BREEZE 2015.
As you all know, there are usually wavebreakers placed in the crowd areas to ensure your safety. This year we will go a step further and fit the barriers in front of the main stage with special phone charging stations, so the fans in the front rows may charge their phones, take pictures and film videos even during the shows. This permanent source of electricity will also come in handy for all those who, when ballads are being played, prefer to light up their phone displays instead of their lighters. We have commissioned the engineering office Dr. Hans Dampf with the technical implementation, and the first tests on the prototypes have had positive results.
We hope you will like this new service. If this is the case, we will expand this feature to the barriers at the T Stage and the Camel Stage as well. At the moment we are also considering to include the much beloved selfie sticks in our range of merchandise, so all amateur photographers and videographers down the front have optimal conditions for first-class photo and video results. We will keep you posted…