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Enter Shikari put it on the international map, We Butter The Bread With Butter on the German one. Will ESKIMO CALLBOY become its first superstars? We are talking about a relatively new genre called electrocore, to which Castrop-Rauxel’s ESKIMO CALLBOY are dedicated with heart and soul. And one thing is for sure: This band will definitely polarize the scene. Their mix of poppy dance tunes, technoid stomping beats and brutal deathcore/metalcore is something that needs getting used to. But once the catchy tunes have gripped you, you will soon find yourself singing along or going mad in the pit. Purists should avoid this style like the pest, but they won’t be able to stop its inexorable advance. At SUMMER BREEZE 2012 ESKIMO CALLBOY will deliver a manifest to this effect, as they unite what for years seemed irreconciliable: brutal metal and electronic dance music.