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What looked like a huge party during each of the past EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS shows at SUMMER BREEZE was actually only training for 2017. So this won’t just be about going crazy, 2017 will be extra mental!
For you, this means: mark the showtime of the fun grinders in red in your personal running order. Although we know you will hail the Hannover guys, because when else do you get a chance to see “the biggest sausage in the metal delicatessen shop, the stone in the shoe of the music business, the hole in the grindcore cheese” combines with the SUMMER BREEZE birthday party? Exactly! And that’s why the GRINDFUCKERS have prepared a very special 90s thrash/grindcore/dance show for our big anniversary, with bells and whistles. So start polishing your glitter suits and training your trashy dance moves…