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Skull-splitting riffs, mosh pit goulash and hits en masse, that’s what you’ll get from THE Bay Area thrash metal steamroller in Dinkelsbühl: EXODUS will assault the SUMMER BREEZE Open Air and leave nothing but scorched earth in their wake.
There’s probably not a single metalhead who doesn’t know and love the Californian riff machine. Led by drummer Tom Hunting, the band has not only influenced countless musicians, but released a whole catalogue of hits in their 30-year career. No matter if you love the tracks from their debut album ‘Bonded By Blood’ or if you prefer more recent material, EXODUS have kept their passion, brutality and power at all times of their turbulent career, managing to unite old and new fans in the process. So look forward to a massive ‘Lesson In Violence’ at SUMMER BREEZE and have some ‘Good Friendly Violent Fun’!