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Ficken Party Stage

Tuesday program Ficken Party Stage

For all tireless party animals who already arrive in Dinkelsbühl on Tuesday, we have an entertainment program ready again this year. This will take place on the Ficken Party Stage and in the Ficken Party Area.

It will all begin with the Finnish comedy film ‘Heavy Trip’, presented by the Fantasy Filmfest, which will be shown on a big cinema screen. Next up will be Andy Brings’ soul striptease ‘Full Circle – Last Exit Rock’n’Roll’, which will also be seen on the big screen.

Right after, Mr. Brings will take to the Ficken Party Stage with his band DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME. Another kick-ass band called EAT THE GUN, who played their way into your hearts a few years ago, will be up next. The following Norwegians THE NEW DEATHCULT will soon be the talk of the scene, because the material on their debut album is utterly convincing and it is only a matter of time until this band calls bigger stages their home. After this down’n’dirty show it will be time for the full metal attack in the shape of MORBID ALCOHOLICA, before the evening ends with the popular Bee Gees worshippers TRAGEDY. But that’s no the end of it, because the Ficken crew will close the evening with a well-rounded disco program.

Wednesday program Ficken Party Stage

This year the Wednesday will get a lot heavier on the Ficken Party Stage, as we will present you a few band highlights hich many of you may not have heard of before. L.A. metalheads ALL HAIL THE YETI will make the start, capturing your attention with the finest American metal. The following HATE SQUAD have a few more years of experience – namely 25 – whose modern hardcore thrash served as an inspiration for some of the early metalcore bands. Check them out! Speaking of metalcore, next up will be Arizona’s EYES SET TO KILL, who some of you had on their wishlist. Fitting the fall of dusk, THE discovery of German black metal will follow: THRON will undoubtedly convince you of their qualities! An absolute must-see, ladies and gentlemen.! The following ANOMALIE will take you on a trip through spheric black metal soundscapes, that are not to be missed, before GOST inject new energy into your tired legs with hard electronic sounds! The end will again come in the form of recorded music chosen by the crew. With such a varied program, everyone should come to party in the Ficken Party Area on Wednesday evening.

Thursday program Ficken Party Stage

Joker BEMBERS will provide a perfect start to the Thursday on the Ficken Party Stage with all that he’s got.

In the course of the afternoon, Out Of Line Records will once more introduce the most hopeful newcomers on their roster. Finland’s BRYMIR should get a great response with their typical Finnish melodic metal. XENOBLIGHT from Denmark are definitely perfect for melodeath fans, while FROSTTIDE should also be preaching to the converted with their viking-inspired melodic death metal. Shock industrial metallers FEAR OF DOMINATION will close the live program on the Ficken Party Stage before RADIO BOB! put the cherry on top of the evening with their formidable disco set.

Friday program Ficken Party Stage

Friday will start for old and young patrons with the Dinkelsbühl debut of HEAVYSAURUS. Easter German label Lifeforce Records will subsequently present their Label Matinee showing what a varied bunch of bands they have signed by now. Joining the game will be Holland grinders TEETHGRINDER, followed my post black metallers KING APATHY, death doomsters DÉCEMBRE NOIR, as well as Swiss prog metalcore stalwarts PROMETHEE, before the popular Partymonum team throw a mega party with old and new school hits on record. And who knows, perhaps the DJs will get some prominent guests to help out?! Let’s wait and see…

Saturday program Ficken Party Stage

After the Saturday is opened for kids and adults by RANDALE, as is already tradition, things will get really serious: Rising Nemesis Records are set to introduce their label roster. All of those who can’t have it brutal enough should check out ORPHALIS (brutal death metal), BEGGING FOR INCEST (deathcore), PIGHEAD (slam) and CARNAL DECAY (brutal death metal). There’ll be a lot of talent on stage on Saturday, so better don’t miss it if you call yourself an extreme metal fan. Closing the evening and the festival, the Ficken Crew will play hits, hits and more hits. So party on, dudes and dudettes!