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Saving camping space

Since the saving of camping space has worked pretty well so far, with very few exceptions, we will keep the system and offer it from Tuesday already. This way we give you the chance to save space for your friends arriving later on a special part of the campsite. This will be to the right when entering the site from Black Earth, behind the forest, and there will be noticeably more room for this purpose.
However, the surface is obviously limited, which means you won’t be able to save the space forever, as when the room starts to run out we will be forced to start “filling the holes”.
So if you are arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday with various vehicles at different times or if your group gets split at the entrance, you can meet again behind the forest, to the right from Black Earth.
In this case you have to download the “saving space” sheet for your car HERE and place it at a viible spot behind your windscreen (the original A4 format is ideal, because it’s the most visible, but if you print it out smaller or larger it is valid, too). This way the parking stewards on the campsite will know where they have to send you:

– White sheet with a big F for “Freihalten von Campingflächen” (saving camping space) = drive to the area reserved for this purpose on the right side of the campsite, behind the forest.

Please follow the instructions of our personnel, so the filling of the saved space hopefully works quickly and without problems.

Ideally you should always keep right with your group when arriving (even before the security corridors); try to use the corridors on the right as well, and stay right when driving onto the campsite. (Our tip: Meet at a parking on the Autobahn before the exit to Dinkelsbühl and then drive together as far as possible.)

Additional advice for drivers of large vehicles (e.g. mobile homes) or cars with trailers (including caravans):
Please also try to keep right, as the corridors on the far right are wider and will be easier for you to pass through.
Motorcyclists are also asked to use the corridors on the right, as they are closer to the motorcycle parking lot.