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Competition: The Golden Patch

This year we offer all fans who purchase merchandise at the official SUMMER BREEZE merchandise stand the chance to win a comprehensive VIP package. Similar to the Tim Burton classic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, there will be three golden patches added to purchases of festival shirts, girlies, zippers or embroidered shirts/trousers at the official stand. So, instead of getting Wonka chocolate with golden tickets, you should get some SUMMER BREEZE merch, and maybe one of the three oatches will be yours…
Whoever finds one of the patches in their shopping bag should contact the friendly staff at the merch stand, as the winner will get the chance to exchange his and one friend’s festival wristbands for a VIP wristband, as well as a visit to the exclusive Mainstage balcony to watch a band of their choice. A few free drinks for the duration of the set are obviously included.
So keep your eyes open when you buy merchandise! You may get the golden patch!