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Sometimes a band name simply says it all! Such as GLORYHAMMER, with whom you automatically feel transported to medieval battle grounds. Pretty fitting for Dinkelsbühl and the SUMMER BREEZE festival…
Musically, however, there are no bagpipes involved, and these knights completely do without minnesongs. Instead, band leader Christopher Bowes (also active in ALESTORM) and his minions pack a massive symphonic power metal punch, which especially fans of Rhapsody, Kamelot and Hammerfall shouldn’t miss, fighting in old Scotland against powerful magicians, fire-spewing dragons and wicked witches. GLORYHAMMER deliver the accompanying choruses and singalongs, as the band’s biggest plus is their almost brazen catchiness. Each one of the songs included on their debut ‘Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife’ can immediately be memorised and sang along to, which will create a superb atmosphere in a live situation. Into battle!