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Govinda say thank you

They were hard to miss during SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2012, the hard-working Govinda volunteers, who were working like ants collecting returnable cans and cups in order to make money for their projects in Nepal.

In their task they were relying on your help. This is a thank-you letter from the Govinda team:
“Hello dear festivalgoers!

Wow, what a great 15th anniversary. We collected, sorted and packed a staggering 120.000 cans. That’s absolutely crazy. The acceptance our Govinda stand enjoyed was also unbelievable. Many interesting conversations took place right there.

It was great to see how our work was supported by you, dear festivalgoers, how you brought many cans to our collecting point or to our bin, how you encouraged us through your motivation and good mood, and how you even started little fan chants while sitting in your canvas chairs at the entrance. All of our team had a great time working on the festival site. What made us happiest was finding cans readliy packed and even getting offered a cold drink here and there. Our acknowledgments also to the organizers and the security team. No matter what our concern was, they were always there to lend an ear and to offer their support.

With a donation of almost 6,000.- Euros from the SUMMER BREEZE team plus the money we got for the returnable cans and bottles we were able to raise around 33.000,- Euros for our projects in Nepal, which is a big sum for us.

Through our work, which is based a 100% on volunteering, but also through our controlling department in Nepal, we can guarantee that the money from each and every collected can will reach its destination in Nepal 1 to 1. In order to understand what the campaign at SUMMER BREEZE means for underprivileged people in Nepal in practice, we want to list a few comparative figures from our eight projects, which currently help 5,000 people.

For a child from a poor family at our school, one can means two hot meals. Two cans mean three hot meals for an orphan or cover the cost of a child psychologist (per child) who helps our educational team in Nepal care for the often traumatised kids.
With 100 cans we can cover the complete costs for education, housing, clothing and medical care for one of our deaf-mute children or the complete cost of building a toilet in order to diminish the amount of feces on the streets – which is closely linked to infant mortality rates (we have been able to build 400 in the region so far).
44,000 cans enable us to build a school for 350 to 500 children in West Nepal (five schools have been built so far).

We are already looking forward to spending the festival with you next year, hoping that you will leave the festival site as you found it on arrival, since we also help cleaning the fields after the festival for the animals and crops that usually live there.

Please receive our greetings and great respect for your motivation in helping our team, and again a big thank you on behalf of the people who benefit from our projects.

The Govinda team