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Free Wifi available at beer garden

As you know, we are always trying to improve our service, which is why this year we will offer free wifi at SUMMER BREEZE for the very first time.
However, this is a test run limited to 1,600 users online simultaneously, as this is new territory fo us and we need to gain experience.
The process will be the same that you already know from wifi hotspots at airports, fast foo restaurants, etc.:
1. Activate the wifi function on your smartphone
2. Your smartphone will recognize the free wifi network called “Biergarten”
3. Open your internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and you will be automatically redirected to a website where you need to register with your email address
4. After a successful registration you will land on the SUMMER BREEZE website and you can use the internet as usual
Have fun in the world wide web!