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Mud is not something you like to see at an open air festival. However, if it pours out of the speakers in the form of dense sludge metal, it’s a whole different story! Which is the case with England’s HARK, who will visit SUMMER BREEZE for the first time ever.
The band led by James Isaac (ex-Taint) like it dirty and raw. Their mix of stoner and sludge elements, combined with the right dose of post rock, is slightly reminiscent of Kylesa on the one hand, Red Fang in the middle, and Orange Goblin on the other. Their formidable debut ‘Crystaline’ managed to make huge waves in the scene this year and gained great to fantastic reviews everywhere. And rightfully so, because the trio know exactly how to do it. Their song structures are neither too complex to be overwhelming, nor too simple to be boring. So there’s perfect conditions for an amazing live show, which they will surely deliver at SUMMER BREEZE. We bet HARK will count on a lot of new fans after this gig.