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HATEBEREED: a name held in high regard by every metalcore fan out there, and a band that – led by the extremely likeable frontman Jamey Jasta – embodies American metalcore like no other.
Which is why we are stoked that Jamey and his boys will find their way to SUMMER BREEZE again in 2015, where they will cement their exceptional status in the scene. With a little bit of luck and if everything goes according to plan, they may even have the follow-up album to 2013’s crushing ‘The Divinity Of Purpose’ ready by then, which would mean that their show could consist of new songs and not only a “best-of” set. There is simply no other band with such massive songs than HATEBREED, yet is also highly respected by metalheads everywhere. This is going to be huge, so huge! Are you reaaady to ruuummmmbleeee?!