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Dogs and animals in general are not permitted on the whole festival site (campsite and concert area).

To all those who up to know had to stay away from the festival because they didn’t have anyone to look after their four-legged friends, we can now offer a solution during the festival days: Hundezentrum Mittelfranken.

Hundezentrum Mittelfranken is one of the most modern boarding kennels in all of Germany. Their main focus is a dog school and boarding facilities. This includes feeding and fur care as well as the necessary social contact with humans. A 4,000m² field provides plenty of room for exercise. 

For SUMMER BREEZE ticket holders the boarding kennel has a cost of 18.- Euros a day instead of the usual 20.- Euros. Additional fees for Sundays and holidays don’t apply either.

Please read all the relevant information on their website!
These are the contact details:

Tel.: +49 (0) 9853 389 119
Important notice:

You will have to present a valid vaccination certificate. Vaccines are available for an additional fee. The dog should have undergone a prophylactic parasite treatment (against fleas and worms) at least a week before. This treatment is also available for an additional fee. The dog must be insured against third-party damages. Bringing a blanket (of the dog’s known environment), if possible in a “hard shell” (dog basket), is advised.