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The spirits of evil and guardians of old metal are well disposed to the unholy 15th anniversary of SUMMER BREEZE, as they are sending their youngest, fiercest, hungriest warriors to the fight against the light in order to spread endless darkness over Dinkelsbühl. In mid 2011, Sweden’s IN SOLITUDE cast their second demonic work ‘The World. The Flesh. The Devil’ upon mankind from the burning pits of hell, giving impressive proof that there are indeed young bands able to summon up the almost forgotten spirit of traditional bands like King Diamond/Mercyful Fate. Add to this the occult lyrical content and their frequent reminiscence of the NWOBHM, i.e. Iron Maiden, and everyone who’s prone to traditional heavy metal in any way, shape or form won’t be able to wait for the band’s first-ever show at SUMMER BREEZE.