Information regarding security

Information regarding security

We are constantly in contact with the police and local authorities, and the emergency plans have been updated accordingly. Obviously also concerning the weather factor.
You, as festival patrons, can also help us, and in some cases we do depend on your collaboration and help:

Risk of fire / dry weather:
– Disposable grills and small unfirm gas cookers are forbidden! (We experienced the most accidents with disposable grills and gas cookers in the past)
– Do not place fire bowls on the ground!
– Please do not throw glowing cigarettes in the forest or on the lawn, discard them in ashtrays or empty cans!
– We ask you for your highest attention, especially with flying sparks!
– Please bring a fire extinguisher with you if you can.

– Please keep your festival tickets handy, so we can avoid unnecessary waits and queues because someone is looking for their ticket. The same applies to reservation confirmations of all kinds (Green Camping, reserved camping space, etc.) as well as the 10€ for the parking ticket .
– In order to avoid unnecessary crowding – but also traffic jams and queues – please stay in your car until you reach the glass control corridors and only get out of your car when it’s time to collect your wristbands.

On the festival site:
– When on the festival site, please be aware of your location. Make a mental note of the emergency exits. You can view and memorise the site map in advance on our website or when you reach the festival site.

– Remember the emergency numbers. Number 110 also works on the festival site. This is the only number to contact the police in case of emergency.

Rucksacks and bags in the Infield:
– We will not impose a general ban on rucksacks and bags. However, we will conduct checks at separate corridors at the entrance to the infield.
Please ask yourself if you could do without a bag or rucksack on the infield, as the controls take up additional time.