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The SUMMER BREEZE organization is happy to present a very special, world-exclusive treat for the festival’s 15th anniversary, something that may never be seen on stage again: JASTA VS. WINDSTEIN! Looks like Jamey Jasta took a liking to the Bavarian countryside when he played here with Hatebreed last year, so much so he is now returning with his companion Kirk Windstein (Down guitarist and also appearing at SUMMER BREEZE with Crowbar). Together they will bring you a true “best of” set consisting of European live premieres of several Kingdom of Sorrow and Jasta songs, as well as a few selected Hatebreed classics. It would be difficult to get a better combination of power, heaviness, melody and relentlessness than with the pairing of these true scene icons. In conjunction with the above mentioned bands, the word “massive” acquires a whole new dimension. It doesn’t get any heavier than this!