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As snotty as it gets! As vehement as you can only be at the beginning of your career! As wild as rock’n’roll was in its heyday! That’s how you describe JOHN COFFEY!
The Dutch band don’t care about nothing and shit on everything, especially on social conventions, and present us a rabid bastard of rock, punk and alternative. Anything they like and makes sense in their eyes is allowed. However, their subjective perception seems to be met with objective admiration, because since the release of their heartwarming debut ‘Bright Companions’ the level of popularity has been rising steadily for the oranje quintet, who cleverly combine the roughness of Refused with the straightness of The Hives. Screamo, post punk, rock, anything goes, and somehow ends up making sense. Don’t miss this destructive performance at SUMMER BREEZE 2015!