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Cinema in the circus tent: ‘Deathgasm’ comes to Dinkelsbühl!

We have once again joined forces with the makers of the Fantasy Film Festival in order to present all cinema aficionados over 18 a film on Tuesday evening in a relaxed atmosphere. The FFF team’s choice fell upon the New Zealand horror comedy ‘Deathgasm’, which is obviously a perfect match for the festival.
The film, which is often described as “a metalhead’s wet dream”, is an absolute riot due to its humour, but also its special effects. The soundtrack ranges from stoner to thrash, black and death metal. Among others, you’ll hear songs from popular acts such as Emperor, Skull Fist and Nunslaughter.
The story is about teenage metalhead Brodie, who has to move into a relative’s house after his mother is locked in a psychiatric ward. Brodie is bullied in his new school, so he teams up with a bunch of other loser musicians to form the metal band DEATHGASM. Without knowing it, the guys play occult notes from a ritual of summoning, so a demon is awakaned and the people in the small town get slowly turned into zombies…
Let’s not say more about the crazy story, except maybe that there is also a love story, so all sensitive souls will get their money’s worth as well…
‘Deathgasm’ will get three screenings in the new circus tent. Unfortunately access is limited to people over 18 as it hasn’t passed the authorities’ rating yet. Anyway, here’s the exact screening times:

Tuesday, 16.08.2016:
17:00 – 18:30: ‘Deathgasm’ screening 1
19:00 – 20:30: ‘Deathgasm’ screening 2
21:00 – 22:30: ‘Deathgasm’ screening 3