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Complete FIDDLER’S GREEN show from SUMMER BREEZE 2010 on DVD!

The new album by speed folk band FIDDLER’S GREEN, ‘Wall Of Folk’, came out a few days ago. If you act fast and go to your favorite CD shop now, you might be able to get the limited edition with bonus CD and bonus DVD.

The bonus DVD contains the FIDDLERS’ complete set from SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2010. Those who were there probably remember the great atmosphere during songs like ‘Bugger Off’ (which is also included on our ‘SUMMER BREEZE 2010’ DVD, which is included as a free gift with the purchase of one of the first 10,000 tickets for SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2012 on

On you may check out snippets of all the songs on the CD (including the six tracks on the bonus CD). Have fun with this mighty ‘Wall Of Folk’!