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Camping space available for reservations running out

Our offer to reserve camping space for groups of 20 people and more has been very well received this year. The surface we have set aside for this purpose, which is close to the entrance to the festival site, is slowly but surely running out.

So if you haven’t reserved for your group of friends yet, you should do so soon, as we are pretty certain the available space will run out before the deadline of June 30th.

Here is, once again, the main information for the reservation of camping space:

Minimum number of people per group:    20
Price per person:                                     10,- €
Duration:                                                  only while space lasts, ending 30.06.2013 at the latest
Cars:                                                        20 people may bring seven cars, 24 people eight cars,                                                                  27 people nine cars, etc.
Portable toilets:                                        a portable toilet is included on each reserved camping                                                                  area, from 40 people up there’s two, from 60 people up                                                                  there’s three, etc.