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Holy muzzle, Batman! It is almost unbelievable with which consistently high quality our next confirmed band has been delivering one killer album after another; KREATOR are coming to SUMMER BREEZE with their brand new album ‘Gods Of Violence’ under their collective belt!
With their most perfect album to date and an insane show to boot, Mille and co. will definitely go for it in Dinkelsbühl, showing once more why they have been Germany’s undisputed number one thrash metal band for decades. Join the ‘Army Of Storms’, be ‘United By Hate’, start a ‘Violent Revolution’ or a ‘Riot Of Violence’, raise the ‘Flag Of Hate’ and show the Ruhrpott four your ‘Fatal Energy’ on the hardest field in Southern Germany. ‘Under The Guillotine’ of Dinkelsbühl, ‘Tormentor’ Mille and his cohorts will provide much more than a ‘Choir Of The Damned’ and a ‘Black Sunrise’. Wanna bet?!