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Kyle Gass? Doesn’t ring a bell? Sit down! Failed! Kyle Gass is one half of Tenacious D, who has gone into business for himself with the KYLE GAS BAND, in order to adequately fill the gaps in the calendar of his almighty main band.
So we are looking forward to welcoming him and his four bandmates at SUMMER BREEZE 2015, where he will present the songs of his rocking self-titled debut album. And the KYLE GASS BAND’s musical direction is perfect for the summer. One after another, Kyle Gass and his competent backing band shoot singalong and party compatible songs from the hip. His compositions have a certain southern (hard) rock flair and bare a lightness that will be a welcome change between all the heavy metal bolides at SUMMER BREEZE. This is the perfect soundtrack for the highway, the beer-soaked barbecue AND the summer open air festival!