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The next band we’re confirming was one of the most unique and original of the nineties, which made them a huge name in the hard music world. After a few years of silence, LIFE OF AGONY have resurfaced stronger the ever.
And that’s something they want to prove with a new album in Dinkelsbühl next August, and we are convinced that Mina Caputo and co. will deliver as they did in May. Because, with their unique mix of crossover, metal, grunge and alternative they already managed to unite fans from all kinds of subgenres, so why should it be different in 2017?! Those who give the New Yorkers a chance can’t escape the hit potential of classics such as ‘This Time’, ‘Underground’, ‘Through And Through’, ‘Weeds’, ‘Let’s Pretend’ etc. We are really looking forward to this show – and we hope you are, too!