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Aerial picture poster 2013 available from ticket pre-sale start for SUMMER BREEZE 2014

Since the response to our aerial poster and the related garbage collection has sadly been on a constant decline in the last few years, we have decided to stop handing out the “garbage posters” on site.

We would still like to appeal to your environmental consciousness though and ask you to leave your garbage in the bag that will still be provided for free at your camping space (there won’t be a garbage collection point any more). This will not only make the job easier for our cleaners, but you will also help us keep the costs of the camp area down. Please remember, keeping the site clean is still a main priority for us.

If you would still like to have an aerial poster of SUMMER BREEZE 2013, you may order it from our online store at, where we will offer a limited number when the ticket pre-sale for SUMMER BREEZE 2014 starts. This way you can also make sure that the poster will make it to your home undamaged. Should the garbage situation improve, we are definitely open to thinking about giving away some swag again in the future.