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A band that names their debut album ‘Keep It True’ ventures onto thin ice. Can you honour such a statement throughout your whole career? In the case of MAJESTY, the answer is a resounding yes!
Hailing from Baden-Württemberg’s Lauda, home of the long-running Keep It True festival, which has frontman Tarek as part of its organising team, the band lives, breathes and bleeds true heavy metal. Where Manowar have long lost their credibility, MAJESTY have kept their feet on the floor, providing their fan base with new anthems of steel again since 2013, after a lengthy hiatus, the kind of songs that DeMaio & Co. will probably never write again. And on their recent tour supporting Powerwolf one could tell that they have also struck a nerve with the younger metal generation, when a sea of devil horns greeted them night after night. We are ready to bet anything that the same will happen at their SUMMER BREEZE debut!