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The title of their 2009 best-of album is still relevant: Totgesagte leben länger! (Roughly translated: There’s life in the old dog yet!) MEGAHERZ are on top again and teach all those better who claimed the Neue Deutsche Härte was dead and buried.
Their eighth studio album ‘Zombieland’ made it into the Top 20 of the German album charts, presenting MEGAHERZ as aggressive as almost 20 years ago, when they started the Neue Deutsche Härte alongside Rammstein and Oomph! In 2014 their massive riffs, catchy German lyrics, goth-compatible melodies and danceable rhythms still rule, and they will surely draw a boiling mass of people to the stage. By the way: Their band name is said to have been inspired by Megadeth and the Wildecker Herzbuben, which makes sense considering the band is heavy, but has a heart of gold. Welcome to SUMMER BREEZE 2015!