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In August 2015 the horned one will send his emissaries, the goats, directly to Dinkelsbühl’s SUMMER BREEZE to make sure we’re up to no good. We are talking about MILKING THE GOATMACHINE!
And the cloven-hoofed animals will make sure we have a lot of fun during their visit, based on their new covers album ‘Greatest Hits – Covered In Milk’. Because anyone who gives classics such as ‘Ohne Krimi Geht Die Mimi Nie Ins Bett’ (Bill Ramsey), ‘When I Come Around’ (Green Day) and ‘Major Tom’ (Peter Schilling) the death metal treatment can’t possibly take themselves too seriously. But also the original compositions of Goatfreed Udder and his cohorts will cause loads of movement in front of the stage. The goatmachine will ram their horns up your arses with a vengeance if you don’t watch out. Let’s hear a loud BLEEEEAAAAAT!