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Muchas gracias, amigos!

361 days of intensive preparations, in the last few weeks leading up to the festival almost around the clock, culminated in four days of indescribable metal ecstasy. 96 hours which felt like 24 are now behind you and us.

Through the unique and relaxed SUMMER BREEZE that you create, the Himalaya-like mountains of work, the sleepless nights and the aching limbs now finally make sense. Without you, the SUMMER BREEZE festival wouldn’t be what it is today!


Even the weather god, who has been extremely cranky as of late, cooperated giving us perfect sunny festival weather with the small exception of Thursday morning. We want to take the chance to thank you all for your thoughtful behaviour after the Bavarian Police issued a storm warning using speaker cars. Thanks to your commendable reaction and the emergency measures we took no one got hurt and nothing stood in the way of an untroubled festival.


We hope you all got home safe and that you’ll hold SUMMER BREEZE 2011 in your memory as a very special experience. All kinds of praise and criticism may be channelled through our community, our Facebook page and the contact form on at any time. Please let us know what you think! We want to keep getting better for you!

The preparations for 2012 are already in full swing, as you can see on our completely overhauled home page. Negotiations with the first few bands have already started as well. On December 1 st , 2011 at the latest – the start of our much beloved advent calendar – we will begin publishing the names of those bands who will make your heads bang for our 15 th anniversary.

Ticket pre-sales for SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2011 will start in mid to late September. Exclusively in our web shop the first 10,000 tickets will be accompanied by a free SUMMER BREEZE 2010 DVD. Act now, because one thing is for sure: WE want to see YOU again next year!

Furthermore, we want to thank the 100 bands, all the helpers, technicians, crew members, security staff, organizers, traders and cleaners. Without them, none of all this could have happened. Respect!

To cite many of the bands who played here this year: “SUUUUUUMMEEERRR BREEEEEEZE! Thank you! It was great! You are the best!”

See you next year!

Stay heavy!