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NAPALM DEATH are coming to lay waste to SUMMER BREEZE once more. In 2012 the inventors of grindcore haven’t lost any of their impact and inimitable aggression. Best proof is their last show in Dinkelsbühl, when they beat every last bit of mud out of all attendants’ brains at noon already , and their still-hot last studio album ‘Time Waits For No Slave’, which kicked in all of their younger competitors’ teeth as they left them behind, showing who has and will always have the biggest balls in grindcore. There’s only one thing you can do when this band plays, no matter if you’re a normal festivalgoer or a musician: Look up to them! It’s nice to see it’s possible to exist for over 20 years in such an extreme genre without having to compromise one bit. Their success proves them right! Look forward to some immortal grindcore classics! By the way: NAPALM DEATH have already begun recording their 14th studio album. Maybe there will be new grind material ready in time for the festival!