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It has been awfully quiet around our favourite extreme sports stars NEAERA. Too quiet if you ask us, which is why we had to book the Münster-based combo to play SUMMER BREEZE 2015. And voilá: Our pleas (and your requests) were answered.
NEAERA will completely devastate your favourite field in 2015 and level the few things they left intact during their previous Dinkelsbühl appearances. Anyone remember their total demolition of the tent stage in 2011? Legendary! It is still uncertain if there’s going to be a new album in time for their 2015 show, but the band led by front warrior Benny have enough hits under their belts to summon the biggest wall of death of the whole festival and circle pits around both FOH towers. There is no better way to combine the aggression of death metal, the speed of black metal and the power of modern metal. You will have to send your bones to intensive care an your neck into retirement. This is going to be huge!