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New stage at SUMMER BREEZE

Those who rest, rust. True to this motto, we have decided to introduce a new open air stage, the Ficken Party Stage.

As the Campsite Circus tent has experienced problematic access and overcrowding situations over and over again, we wanted to defuse this bottleneck and decided to install another open air stage instead of the Campsite Circus tent. The so-called Ficken Party Stage has capacity for about 4,000 people, so that there should be no bottlenecks here. The location of this new stage is right next to the large supermarket on the campsite, so the way is much shorter for you, than in the past.

There will be music played on the Ficken Party Stage for the first time on Tuesday, as we start with the cult-like ROCK’N’ROLL WRESTLING BASH, and afterwards the guys from Radio Bob will call for a Metal Disco Night.

On Wednesday, the ROCK’N’ROLL WRESTLING BASH crew will again open proceedings, before MORBID ALCOHOLICA call for a reckless party. The team will close the night with a well-balanced DJ program, that is, recorded music.

On Thursday, things turn Franconian: Mister BEMBERS will receive you in audience. Then, after your laughing muscles have been tested, one of three label matinees will follow. This format gives three record labels the chance to introduce their most hopeful newcomers to our wider audience. Each label will also be present with a small merchandise stand.

The beginning will be with Out Of Line Music, who will send melodic death metal band BLOODRED HOURGLASS, pop deathcore group GROOVENOM, heavy rockers NIGHT LASER and melodeath ensemble TRAGEDY OF MINE into the race.

The Thursday will be closed by the Ficken Disco, where no eye and no throat will stay dry.

After the Friday is again inaugurated with a weisswurst breakfast, things will turn serious – but with a lot of Franconian fun – with VAN SCHELLN. Afterwards, Norwegian label Indie Recordings will present their hopefuls. FIGHT THE FIGHT, who are already known to the Breeze congregation, plus hard rockers THE CRUEL INTENTIONS, melodic deathcore band HALCYON WAY and the brutal ATENA. The end (both figuratively and literally) will come with a second round of the Ficken Disco.

Saturday will start with the last weisswurst breakfast, then it’s both kids’ and parents’ turn to have fun: RANDALE will rock the Randale Stage (renamed on short notice… you understand).

Afterwards, the Bastardized label will throw the following four bands into the ring: the beloved JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE, metalcore aficionados WATCH THEM FADE, post metallers A SECRET REVEALED and hardcore stalwarts INSANITY – before the last evening at SUMMER BREEZE is closed by the final edition of the Ficken Disco.

Wie Ihr seht, wird Euch auf der Ficken Party Stage ein äußerst abwechslungsreiches und spannendes Programm geboten, wo es einiges zu entdecken gibt.

We will announce the exact timetables and schedules as part of the running order in good time before the festival.

We hope the stage and its program will get a good reception and receive your support. Have fun at the Ficken Party Stage!