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The well-established NEW BLOOD AWARD can look back on six sucessful years and is going into that damned seventh year in 2012. The winners from previous years already show what kinds of different talents there are in the scene, to which SUMMER BREEZE offers a promotional platform. This mix is what defines a contest which gives you the chance to perform alongside the big names of the scene, side by side. Limited to German-speaking countries in its first few years, the NEW BLOOD AWARD now is and will stay open to international bands, so we’re looking forward to hearing contenders from near and far. The success of last year’s edition confirmed the fact that opening the contest to bands from other countries would catapult the contest to the top. As of now, we welcome applications from all over the world, ringing in the seventh round.

The NEW BLOOD AWARD is one of the most important contests for young, up-and-coming bands in the metal genre, organized and decided in close collaboration with METAL.DE. In 2013 it will even be upgraded as, for the first time, the winners of the NEW BLOOD AWARD will get a one-album recording deal with the prestigious Century Media Records!
Our long-time partners from EMP will support the award in the media, and they will also provide a very special treat for the winners. It’s a surprise!

The winners from previous years – STITCH, FUCK YOUR SHADOW FROM BEHIND, SECOND RELATION, BLEEDING RED, STEVE FROM ENGLAND and the excentric OBSCURE SPHINX – have proven that the music of tomorrow breeds in the underground and that it’s time to provide international bands with a promotional platform through the NEW BLOOD AWARD.
This high level is also confirmed by the numerous label signings among the runners-up such as LEVIATHAN, DAVIDIAN, DREAMSHADE, KADAVRIK and BLOODWORK, to name but a few.

As tradition dictates, the winners will open the SUMMER BREEZE festival on Thursday on one of the open-air stages, getting the chance to present their material to an expert audience at one of Germany’s biggest metal festivals. Don’t miss this chance to present your music to the SUMMER BREEZE crowd!

The winning band will also be handed the specially-made NEW BLOOD AWARD trophy on one of the open-air stages.

About the rules:
It is a prerquisite that your band is unsigned and doesn’t currently have a prospective recording deal. Send your demos and self-produced CDs to the following address no later than March 31st, 2013:

New Blood Award
Postfach 500848
70338 Stuttgart

Thanks in advance for your submissions!

The Summer Breeze and teams