After last year NILE unfortunately had to cancel their SUMMER BREEZE appearance, they will be on stage in Dinkelsbühl for our anniversary, bursting with Tatendrang.
And still this applies, as always: NILE are a band who don’t need to reinvent the wheel, as they have been navigating well with their own brand of egyptologic brutality, crushing everything that crosses their path. A death metal blast whirlwind that simply deracinates and destroys anything and everything. NILE’s intentions are just to shatter everything to its foundations. We are about to see the magnitude of the quake that will rock Dinkelsbühl. You just have to look forward to what Karl Sanders and his cohorts will deliver for your eyes and ears. And George Kollias hits the snare once for every meter the river Nile flows through the African continent. This won’t be a comfy cruise on the Nile, this will be a wild ride on a tsunami!